Back from Nicaragua - Off to Finland

Alisia, Bangkukuk, Nicaragua

Alisia, Bangkukuk, Nicaragua

OPOE traveled to Nicaragua from early September through early October. The second poorest country in the hemisphere, Nicaragua faces many challenges when it comes to climate change. And most recently, an interoceanic canal is slated to begin construction in December, which will change the landscape of Nicaragua forever. In circumstances like these, building adaptive capacity is an incredible challenge, but OPOE found some great examples of positive work being done.

During our stay, OPOE was hosted by the fantastic NGO blueEnergy. Their community spirit, energy, and level of commitment to both the city of Bluefields and villages around Nicaragua, was amazing to see. OPOE hosted a low-cost film workshop at blueEnergy, and we were lucky enough to join them on a trip to the remote village of Bangkukuk, on the Caribbean coast - the highlight of our trip.

On October 16th, OPOE will begin our journey to Finland - the third phase of our travels. Along with our blog, you can follow our Scandinavian journey through photos on Instagram, and keep in touch through Facebook and Twitter as well.  

Tom Miller