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A Message to Our Contributors

We are happy to announce the release of
Our Place on Earth, Season 1

Looking Forward

A lot has changed since Nuin-Tara and I began work on this project.

The climate predictions are bleaker than they were in late 2014, and it is now clear that we are locking in climate shifts that our grandchildren will have to face. And changes in leadership and new appointments at the federal level leave little hope for advancing a progressive climate agenda in the coming years. 

However, as recent demonstrations and speak outs show us, there is a mounting willingness in Americans to challenge the choices our country is making.  For those looking to take action in the weeks and years ahead - and not just on climate issues - now is a great time to be engaged at any level. 

Whether it's organizing community discussions, writing letters, or running for office, traveling for this project has shown us that small actions work. 

I’d like to highlight four big OPOE successes since the project began:

1) Jukajoki: During production of Season 1, OPOE and the village of Selkie, in Finland, co-produced the feature film, “Jukajoki.” “Jukajoki” won special mention at the Vaasa Wildlife festival, has been seen throughout Finland. It has been used by the village as a fundraising tool for their river restoration, and is now a featured film in the Finland centennial celebration .

2) Partnerships:  The additional time and effort it took to get feedback, share insight, and build consensus with the partners with whom we filmed was incredibly rewarding - and part of OPOE's strategy from the beginning: to build long-term relationships, trust, and create work that is beneficial for all parties.

3) Case Studies: Produced by Nuin-Tara, these case studies provide practical insights for policymakers, practitioners and local communities on how to support and engage in community-based climate action.

4) Grand Canal: During our travels, as a side film, PrettyGoodProductions produced a short film about Nicaragua's Grand Canal Project, which shared the perspectives of threatened Bangkukuk residents. Our film generated a large international audience and sparked follow up features from Al Jazeera America and other publications.

We have screenings planned in the US, UK, and Finland, and are submitting to festivals worldwide. And, by making Season 1 available for free, we hope OPOE's message of community action will reach far and wide. Aligned with our festival releases, we will be on the lookout for partners and projects for Season Two. 

In 2017, PrettyGoodProductions will be sharing new fiction and non-fiction films, as well as an ongoing series on race and social justice in the United States. You can sign up for "new release" notifications at PGP’s website.

It’s been a challenging, fascinating, and immensely rewarding project so far. We've learned so much and are so grateful to have the opportunity to do this work.

Thank you all for making it possible and here's to future action!

Tom & Nuin-Tara

Our Place on Earth, Season 1

Chapter 1, Selkie

Chapter 2, Adapting to Change

Chapter 3, For All of We