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On Wings of the Raven: The Seen and the Unseen in the Work of Eero Murtomäki

Celebrated Finnish nature photographer Eero Murtomäki has mastered what is called, in Finland, a “deeper understanding” of nature. Built upon seven decades of exploration at sea, and in the forests and marshmires of Finland, this understanding contains both the seen and the unseen aspects of nature.

”On Wings of the Raven” combines interviews, Eero’s archival films and photographs, and travel footage in the forests of Vaasa and marine environments of Kvarken, on the Bothnian sea—a duality of locations that is central to Eero’s lifework.

Honest Abe: a miniseries - 2019

Annie Abramson’s father was the most well-known PI in Sacramento.

Now’s he’s dead, leaving Annie with a box of files and a strange request.

Let the bad week begin.

Visit the Honest Abe website to learn more.

Ten Minutes with Minott

The "Ten Minutes With" Series

An ongoing series of 10-minute shorts, featuring compelling people from all walks of life.

This first installment features Minott Kerr, a lover of "consumable liquids" in all forms. While making the perfect Manhattan, and brewing an excellent coffee, Minott pontificates on - and demonstrates - his insatiable appetite for both tasting and for learning. 

The Winter Seiners of Puruvesi

On an icy lake in Finland, a 500-year-old fishing practice continues, unbroken.

From filmmaker Tom Miller (PrettyGoodProductions) and executive producer Tero Mustonen (Snowchange Cooperative), The Winter Seiners of Puruvesi portrays one day on the ice with two teams of Finnish fishermen, practicing an unique form of under-ice net fishing. Includes rarely seen footage from the 1930s and 1960s. 

Made possible by generous support from the European Union Marine and Fisheries Fund (EMFF), Finnish Action Program 2014-2020.

This Land is For All of We

Land Rights in Nicaragua - This short film tells the story of a small indigenous Rama village in Nicaragua under threat from their own government and the international development company, HKND.

Read more about the canal and a Q&A with Tom from Mongabay on PGP's Bangkukuk page.

Our Place on Earth - Season 1

Stories of Climate Change Resilience

How are small communities adapting their lives to the changing climate?  What are the lessons we can learn from them?  From Finland to Nicaragua, OPOE shares three stories of on-the-ground climate action.

Artist/Small Business Promotional Films 

We've worked with ceramicists, fabric artists, candy makers, and bakers, We've done Kickstarter videos, IndieGoGo campaigns, short promotional videos, and even a multipart online music class.

Featuring the film - "Portrait of a Ceramicist"

Community Advocacy

PGP works closely with community groups and non-profits to tell their stories. 

Featuring the film - "Let Us Build Cully Park! - Community Garden Film"


Co-produced with PGP and our Finnish partners - After two large fish die-offs in 2010 and 2011, the small Finnish villages of Selkie and Alavi joined forces to save their cherished watershed.  

Created in partnership with our friends at Snowchange Cooperative.